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We Will Not Fade Away

Directed by: Alisa Kovalenko
Runtime: 1h 40min Certificate: PG
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Directed by: Alisa Kovalenko
Runtime: 1h 40min Certificate: PG
Topics: Sociopolitical
Last Screened: Thu 7th Mar 2024

Ukrainian director Alisa Kovalenko's perceptive gaze gently captures a coming-of-age tale like no other and a generation that, in spite of everything, is able to recognise and celebrate the fragile beauty of life.

Donbas, 2019. This portrait of a generation follows a group of teens living through the dog days of the war that had been burning since 2014, with the prospect of a coming invasion gathering momentum. An imaginative band of dreamers, their hopes for their futures are tempered by the limits of the world the around them and the sound of gunfire is never far away.

Into this picture comes an extraordinary opportunity: an expedition to the Himalayas that will provide a brief excape from the reality of war and open up untold new horizons.

The screening on Friday the 23rd February was followed by a Q&A with director Alisa Kovalenko. Hosted by curator, Olga Sidorushkina. Presented in partnership with the Ukrainian Institute London