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Wall Of Shadows

Directed by: Eliza Kubarska
Runtime: 1hr 34min Year: 2020
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Directed by: Eliza Kubarska
Runtime: 1hr 34min Year: 2020
Country: Poland, Germany, Switzerland
Topics: Personal Stories
Last Screened: Fri 27th May 2022

A Sherpa family breaks a taboo and climbs the most holy of mountains to earn money for their son’s education. They accompany a western expedition on East Wall of the Khumbakarna Mountain, a wall that has never been climbed before.

At the heart of this paradigm-shifting film is a Sherpa family who must decide if they will break a cultural taboo to lead an expedition up the most sacred of their mountains. According to their religion it is forbidden to climb Khumbakarna, but to the international climbing community the mountain is deemed to have a summit more challenging than Everest’s.

When asked by a Western expedition to lead their party, the family faces a dilemma driven by the need to earn money for the education of their son, who wishes to become a doctor. Director Eliza Kubarska follows the expedition, as the family negotiate the dangerous climb, uncertain conditions, and their devotion to their religion