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Walking Under Water

Directed by: Eliza Kubarska
Runtime: 1hr 16min Year: 2014
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Directed by: Eliza Kubarska
Runtime: 1hr 16min Year: 2014
Country: United Kingdom, Poland, Germany
Last Screened: Thu 4th Jun 2015

In the crystal clear waters off the coast of Borneo, Alexan is teaching his 10-year-old nephew, Sari, everything he knows, from ancient dangerous diving techniques to his tribes wisdom about the underwater world.

“Reminiscent of the classic documentaries of Robert Flaherty, Walking Under Water is an exquisite and lyrical experience.” – Hotdocs

“Deeply moving account of human struggle in the natural and spirit worlds, told with both harrowing immediacy and stunning visual poetry.” – Los Angeles Film Festival

But this traditional lifestyle is under threat. The Badjao tribe are oceanic nomads who’ve lived like fish in harmony with the sea for centuries but with no official claim to land and therefore no ties to government process or influence, their unique way life may soon be lost forever. While Alexan clings to the traditions of his ancestors, Sari is torn between his longing to be a fisherman like his uncle and the tug of a job in the ‘new world’ of an encroaching holiday resort nearby.

With stunning photography and great access, director Eliza Kubarska invites us to experience the world of the Badjao before it disappears.