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Theatre of War

Directed by: Lola Arias
Runtime: 1hr 17min Year: 2018
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Directed by: Lola Arias
Runtime: 1hr 17min Year: 2018
Country: Argentina, Spain, Germany
Last Screened: Thu 13th Dec 2018

The Falklands War was a particularly brutal conflict. Uniting British and Argentinian veterans in an experimental set of staged sequences, director Lola Arias reawakens memories and unsettled hostilities.

The dead leaders kiss, a British veteran relives an Argentinian dying in his arms, an Argentinian veteran remembers floating in the sea for 41 hours after the Belgrano was sunk.

A mix of Argentinian and British veterans are brought together to re-enact their experiences during the Falklands War. Through a handful of staged sequences, they revisit the visions that haunt them and discuss the muddy politics. Director Lola Arias experiments with their sensitive relations and burned-in memories.

Can they reconcile their traumas and conflicting beliefs? Is it too painful to see the political manipulation for what it was? The line between fact and fiction is ambiguous, as they grapple with the theatrical act of war and the scars that run deep.