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The Invisible War

Directed by: Kirby Dick
Runtime: 1hr 35min Year: 2012
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Directed by: Kirby Dick
Runtime: 1hr 35min Year: 2012
Country: United States
Topics: Sociopolitical
Last Screened: Fri 23rd May 2014

A ground-breaking investigation into the hidden rape epidemic in the US armed forces. The Invisible War exposes the Kafkaesque military legal system in which the victims who come forward find themselves.

This Oscar nominated documentary is told through the eyes of the victims with first-hand accounts of the brutal way in which the women were treated. The military’s consistent attempts to cover up cases combined with a Kafkaesque legal system compounds the feeling of helplessness felt by many of the victims. The film reveals the terrifying extent of an issue which will resonate beyond US borders.

Directed by Kirby Dick, The Invisible War uncovers the dark and disturbing truth that runs to the core of the US military, investigating the institutions that perpetuate it as well as its profound personal and social consequences.