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The Decent One

Directed by: Vanessa Lapa
Runtime: 1hr 32min Year: 2014
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Directed by: Vanessa Lapa
Runtime: 1hr 32min Year: 2014
Country: Austria, Israel
Last Screened: Thu 9th Apr 2015

This extraordinary documentary exposes the inner mind, ideals, plans and secrets of Heinrich Himmler, SS commander and one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany.

On May 6th 1945, soldiers of the US Army occupied the Himmler family home in Gmund, Germany where they discovered hundreds of private letters, documents, diaries and photographs.

The Decent One is comprised solely of stock footage and photographs from the era. These run alongside performers reading the letters and diary entries written by Himmler to his wife and daughter, illustrating his rise from patriotic child to position of horrible power in the Third Reich.

A chilling portrait of how a man remained a hero in his own eyes but a mass murderer in the eyes of the world. It’s a fascinating epistolary narrative, which brings us closer to a monstrously deluded mind.