Past screening

Taiwan FF 2019: The Walker

Directed by: Singing Chen
Runtime: 2hr 27min Year: 2014


Directed by: Singing Chen
Runtime: 2hr 27min Year: 2014
Country: Taiwan
Last Screened: Sat 13th Apr 2019

Filmed over the course of ten years, this documentary is a poetic expression of Lin Lee-Chen's persistence and creativity, capturing her meditations on life itself.

The deep rumble of drums opens the gate to the underworld and Sea Goddess Mazu gracefully leads the spirits towards it. Witness a scene from the ritualistic dance piece Miroirs de Vie (2006), created by internationally renowned choreographer Lin Lee-Chen and performed by her Legend Lin Dance Theatre.

Lin has devoted her life to creating work that blends modern dance with religious ritual. Drawing from her own life, Lin turns her outlook into a calming physical strength in her choreography, giving the audience a chance to glimpse her inner strength and creativity.

Exquisite images of layered cloth and the contours of dancers’ bodies during the ritualistic performances enable the audience to explore the choreography with a tactile eye, while Lin reflects on her attitudes towards dance and aesthetics.

Unlike much Western dance that emphasizes speed, Lin’s oriental aesthetic emphasizes the slowness of body movement and a reflexivity towards slowness itself.