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Surviving Progress

Directed by: Mathieu Roy, Harold Crooks
Runtime: 1hr 26min Year: 2011
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Directed by: Mathieu Roy, Harold Crooks
Runtime: 1hr 26min Year: 2011
Country: Canada
Last Screened: Thu 17th May 2012

Humanity's ascent is often measured by the speed of progress. But what if progress is actually spiralling us downwards, towards collapse?

From cave-dwellers to space explorers, mankind has it all, or so it thinks. Produced by Martin Scorsese, this compelling film asks whether we’ve taken too much and civilisation is on a knife-edge.

Humans are incredible in their ability to problem solve and create. But the problem of what to do about extraordinary consumption in a world of finite resources is not being faced. With stories from a Chinese car-driving club, a Wall Street insider who exposes an out-of-control, environmentally rapacious financial elite, activists from the Congo and eco-cops defending a scorched Amazon, the film tells it straight – if we don’t take less the future looks bleak.

Stephen Hawking tells us to find homes in space, Margaret Atwood says that unless we preserve the planet there will be no economy, and Craig Venter, whose team decoded the human genome, is designing synthetic organisms he hopes will create artificial food and fuel for all. There is hope that our ingenuity and moral evolution can save the day but the clock is ticking.