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Reconstructing Utøya

Directed by: Carl Javér
Runtime: 1hr 38min Year: 2018
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Directed by: Carl Javér
Runtime: 1hr 38min Year: 2018
Country: Sweden, Norway, Denmark
Last Screened: Thu 8th Aug 2019

On 22nd July, 2011, 69 people, mostly teenagers, were murdered by a far-right terrorist. Four survivors meet in Northern Norway with twelve young Norwegians to share their experiences and reconstruct their memories.

On 22nd July, 2011, 69 people were murdered in Norway when a far-right terrorist exploded a bomb in Oslo and then proceeded to shoot children on the island of Utøya where the Labour Party’s youth league was holding it’s summer camp.

Reconstructing Utøya shifts between the stunning natural landscapes surrounding them and a Dogville-esque plain black room where they revisit the moments when they realised the gravity of the situation and made their individual plights for survival.

The compassion that emerges between the group is deeply moving, as is the courage in the face of an unfathomable violence.