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Radio Silence

Directed by: Juliana Fanjul
Runtime: 1hr 19min Year: 2019
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Directed by: Juliana Fanjul
Runtime: 1hr 19min Year: 2019
Country: Swaziland, Mexico
Last Screened: Thu 13th Aug 2020

When Mexican journalist Carmen Aristegui is fired from her radio station, she is determined to carry on with her investigations into corruption - but at what cost?

It’s no easy feat to be an independent journalist in Mexico. Two companies own 94% of the media – and are increasingly at the behest of the corrupt government. Investigative reporter Carmen Aristegui finds this out firsthand when her popular radio programme is cancelled, under pressure from the powers that be who are tired of her corruption investigations.

Director Juliana Fanjul grew up listening to Carmen on the radio, and follows her heroine as she sets out to establish an internet broadcast, with a team of dedicated journalists. The stakes are high – Mexico is increasingly a surveillance state and murder any of those who speak out is common.

Radio Silence is both an evocative portrait of an inspirational woman, and a valuable insight into modern Mexico, where there are many clear parallels to threats to journalists in the wider world.