Past screening

Oscars Shorts 2018

Directed by: Various
Runtime: 2hr 58min Year: 2017


Directed by: Various
Runtime: 2hr 58min Year: 2017
Country: United States

Join us for this special showcase of the 2018 Oscars Best Documentary (Short Subject) nominees. A diverse selection of eye-opening short films, which will be competing for this year’s award.

Dir. Elaine McMillion Sheldon and Kerrin Sheldon / 20-17 / 39mins
Huntington, West Virginia, known as the overdose capital of America, sees an average of five to seven deaths from drug overdoses every day. Three women — a fire chief, a drug court judge and the head of an outreach ministry — are attempting to take back their community by using compassion to break the cycle of despair and addiction.

Traffic Stop
Dir. Kate Davis and David Heilbroner / 2017 / 30mins
In June 2015, a 26-year-old African-American elementary school teacher named Breaion King was pulled over by a white police officer for a routine traffic stop. The incident escalated into a violent arrest, followed by a conversation about race in America between King and another white officer while he drove her to the station.

Edith + Eddie
Dir. Laura Checkoway and Thomas Lee Wright / 2017 / 29mins
In 2014, 96-year-old Edith Hill and 95-year-old Eddie Harrison are married, unconcerned that one is African American and the other is white. The newlyweds are forced apart, however, when one of Edith’s daughters, unhappy about the relationship, forces her mother to leave her Virginia home and move to Florida.

Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405
Dir. Frank Stiefel / 2016 / 40mins
Artist Mindy Alper has spent almost all of her 56 years combating severe depression and anxiety, using medication, electroconvulsive therapy and psychiatry to help her. Art has always been her most effective outlet, with drawing and sculpture offering her the tools to give voice to her fears and mental battles.

Knife SKills
Dir. Thomas Lennon / 2017 / 40mins
In 2013, restaurateur Brandon Chrostowski is about to launch Edwins Leadership & Restaurant Institute in Cleveland. Aiming to become the best traditional French restaurant in America, the Edwins eatery is staffed primarily with men and women recently released from prison, who have only six weeks to learn the skills that will better their lives and propel the new venture to success.