Past screening

Open City Documentary Festival 2021

Directed by: Various
Year: 2023


Directed by: Various
Year: 2023
Topics: Personal Stories

Open City Documentary Festival creates an open space in London to nurture and champion the art of non-fiction cinema.

We’re delighted to be part of this year’s Open City Documentary Festival again. As part of the festival, Bertha DocHouse will be hosting several events, Q&As and shorts programme. Please see the full line up below:

Shady River | Tatiana Mazú González | 2020 | Argentina | 82’ | Río Turbio (Shady River) is the name of the coal town in the Argentinian Patagonia where the filmmaker hails from.

Bicentenario & Sol de Campinas | Jessica Sarah Rinland | 2021 | Brazil | 26’ | Sol de Campinas observes a team of archaeologists as they excavate a ring of mounds within a territory currently known as the State of Acre.

Bicentenario | Pablo Álvarez Mesa | 2021 | Colombia, Canada | 43’ | Invoking the spirit of Simón Bolívar, Bicentenario is an essayistic travelogue that sets out to critique and complicate his legacy.

The Blue House & The House is Yet to Be Built | Hamedine Kane | 2020 | Belgium | 55’ | Senegalese-Mauritian filmmaker, Hamedine Kane’s The Blue House is an intimately observed portrait of Alpha, a charismatic artist living and working in exile in the Calais Jungle.

The House is Yet to Be Built | Sílvia das Fadas | 2018 | Portugal, Austria, USA | 35’ | Sílvia das Fadas traces a journey between five sites of revolutionary outsider architecture: an ideal palace built by a postman, a red house designed by a socialist agitator; a pacifist tower erected against the movements of History; an exuberant garden engendered; and a merry cemetery.

Rock Bottom Riser | Fern Silva | 2021 | USA | 70’ | Rock Bottom Riser is an essay film that explores connections between geology, astrology and settler colonialism on the island of Hawaii.  Mon 13th September, 20.30Open City Documentary Festival 2021: Combined Programme. A combined programme including recent films by Alexandra Cuesta, Ute Aurand, Maria Anastassiou and Rebecca Jane Arthur.