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One More Jump

Directed by: Emanuele Gerosa
Runtime: 1hr 22min Year: 2019
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Directed by: Emanuele Gerosa
Runtime: 1hr 22min Year: 2019
Country: Italy, Switzerland, Lebanon
Last Screened: Tue 18th Feb 2020

Jehad and Abdullah were raised in the Gaza Strip, and together founded the Gaza Parkour Team, who use the ruins of the city as a playground for their free jumping. When Abdullah escapes to Italy, their lives diverge - but both still yearn for freedom.

After founding the Gaza Parkour Team with his friend Jehad, Abdullah has become a refugee in Italy. But unable to work, he’s struggling to make ends meet.

Meanwhile back home, Jehad is looking after his parents and carrying on the parkour tradition. He’s raising a new generation of jumpers, who use the bombed out ruins of Gaza as the stage for their dangerous acrobatics. But Jehad too yearns to begin again somewhere he can feel free.

Emanuele Gerosa’s beautifully shot film highlights the contrast between the liberating movement of parkour, and the constraints of young adulthoods lived in limbo, where freedom is but a dream.