Past screening

OCDF 2023: Non-Aligned Film Archives 07: A performative lecture by Léa Morin

Directed by: Léa Morin
Runtime: 1h 30min


Directed by: Léa Morin
Runtime: 1h 30min
Topics: Arts & Culture
Last Screened: Sun 10th Sep 2023

Curator and archivist Léa Morin joins us for a live performance lecture, tracing two missing films by Moroccan filmmaker, Karim Idriss. Based on his letters, photographs, documents and film excerpts, Morin’s cine-lecture follows the desires and halted dreams of Idriss. 

On 25th September 1967, Karim Idriss – a young Moroccan filmmaker – wrote a letter to the rector of a film school in Poland detailing his career and active participation in the struggle for a Moroccan cinema. A few years later, he wrote a letter to Moroccan cultural journal Souffles about his (eventually banned) documentary, Les Enfants du Haouz (1970) about marginalised adolescents in Morocco. Despite extensive research, this film has remained untraceable; the same is true for the last film Idriss had made in Poland: Et l’exil de tous les jours.

Based on these two letters, Morin’s performance lecture draws out a constellation of parallel unfinished cinematic stories.

Non-Aligned Film Archives is an ongoing project curated by Léa Morin and Annabelle Aventurin in collaboration with Open City. The project aims to create a space to share films that have been marginalised from dominant cinematic narratives.

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