Past screening

OCDF 2023: Anhell69

Directed by: Theo Montoya
Runtime: 1h 12min


Directed by: Theo Montoya
Runtime: 1h 12min
Topics: Personal Stories, Sociopolitical
Last Screened: Thu 7th Sep 2023

A defiant but haunting elegy to lost friends, Anhell69 interweaves the harsh reality of queer existence in Medellín, Colombia with fictional excerpts and a punk sensibility.

As Theo Montoya set out to shoot a fiction film with a cast of queer friends in Medellín, reality intervened, with many of the participants dying before the film’s completion. Anhell69 is a reaction to this world that refused to allow queer futures to exist within it.

Weaving fictional scenes where Medellín’s youth become increasingly drawn to the ghosts that dwell in the city with documentary footage of Montoya’s friends who themselves come to haunt us, the film is at once an elegy and an act of refusal. It strives against the boundaries of reality, its violence and its cinema, queerly rejecting definitions and conventions.

In their place, Anhell69 strives to be a trans film, boundless in scope and embracing contradictions – between life and death; fiction and documentary; horror and love; the present and the future and between the world of cinema and the one in which we live.

Followed by a Q&A with director Theo Montoya.

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