Past screening

OCDF 2018: Breaking News

Directed by: Tomáš Bojar
Runtime: 1hr 13min Year: 2018


Directed by: Tomáš Bojar
Runtime: 1hr 13min Year: 2018
Country: Czech Republic
Last Screened: Sat 8th Sep 2018

Screening as part of the Open City Documentary Festival hosted at DocHouse.

Followed by a Q&A with director Tomáš Bojar, hosted by journalist and broadcaster Kirsty Lang.

In March last year, the president of the Czech Republic was preparing to announce whether or not he would be running for re-election, and the press were ready to cover his decision. The announcement, however, was to be made at a private event at Prague Castle and no reporters were to be admitted.

Filmmaker Tomáš Bojar takes us inside two newsrooms in Prague as their teams race to be the first to break the story. Breaking News is a compelling, entertaining and carefully composed observational look at journalism, “objective” reporting and the cycle of news production in the modern age.

Screens with: Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Curtain | Sarah Boothroyd | 2006 | Canada | 6 mins

A revealing reflection on journalism, which is a process of editing and selecting, rather than transmitting a complete record to the public.

Part of Open City Documentary Festival – London’s leading documentary festival bringing audiences, filmmakers and industry professionals together for a celebration of creative non-fiction cinema.