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Night Will Fall

Directed by: André Singer
Runtime: 1hr 15min Year: 2014
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Directed by: André Singer
Runtime: 1hr 15min Year: 2014
Country: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Israel, United States, Denmark
Last Screened: Sat 25th Apr 2015

Through the use of original footage and eyewitness testimony, Night Will Fall tells the untold story of Sidney Bernstein’s film and reveals the unimaginable devastation that greeted the liberating troops.

When Allied forces liberated the Nazi concentration camps in 1944-45, their terrible discoveries were recorded by army and newsreel cameramen, revealing for the first time the full horror of what had happened. The footage was to become part of a propaganda film about the Nazi genocide.

This unique project was masterminded by Sidney Bernstein, founder of Granada TV, who recruited Alfred Hitchcock, Stewart McAllister and Richard Crossman, among others, to help him complete the ambitious project. But within six months, the British and American governments mysteriously and suddenly withdrew the film, consigning it, incomplete, to the archives of the Imperial War Museum.

This powerful documentary reveals how politics and ambition scuppered the production of one of the most extraordinary films of the 20th century and how, 70 years later, Bernstein’s original film is finally complete.