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Native Spirit: Wapikoni Shorts

Runtime: 1h 15min Certificate: TBC
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Runtime: 1h 15min Certificate: TBC
Topics: Sociopolitical
Last Screened: Sun 5th Nov 2023

Native Spirit Film Festival 2023 presents Turtle Island Tales (Torcheu Aachimow) - a showcase of short films from the Wapikoni Mobile project.

Wapikoni Mobile is a nomadic filmmaking studio in Canada dedicated to empowering Indigenous peoples through training and mentorship. 

Curated by Jack Belhumeur, an ambassador, this showcase of twelve short films delves into themes of identity, generational teachings, and the revitalization of culture through art.

The screening will be introduced by filmmaker and curator Jack Belhumeur and followed by a Q&A with Jack (in-person) and Réal Junior Leblanc, Isabelle Kanapé and Manuel Kak’wa Kurtness (via Zoom).

With thanks for support to Québec Government Office, London


Full programme details:

Respect Your Elders Chum
Métis | 7min | 2023 | Jack Belhumeur
Chum learns a lesson respecting his elders.

W8linaktegw ta niona (The River and Us)
W8banaki | 7min | 2022 | Myriam Landry
Myriam explores the importance of the W8linaktegw River (Bécancour River) to her family and her nation through her memories and the stories of her father.

Les Ciseaux (The scissors)
Innu | 3min | 2022 | Katia Kurtness
At the sound of cardboard being cut, Annette remembers the first time she cut out animal silhouettes and passes on this talent to her daughter Katia.

Innu | 5min | 2022 | Alyssia Labbé-Hervieux
The Furry community is made up of people who use drawing and costumes to bring animal characters with human characteristics to life. ‘Fursona’ depicts the universe of Aly, a member of this community.

Aski, la mère de tous (Aski, the mother of all)
Innu | 4min | 2022 | Amélie Courtois
A poetic film inspired by nature and what it offers us: colours and softness. A tribute to Mother Earth, this film takes the time to look at the little details of the forest.

Ka ici nakatamakoian (The Legacy)
Atikamekw | 5min | 2022 | Cécile Niquay Ottawa
Cécile Niquay Ottawa is an Elder from the community of Manawan. In this documentary, she tells young Francis the history of this natural place that has been shaped by traditions.

Kak: Transmission intergénérationnelle d’une famille ilnu (Kak: Intergenerational transmission)
Pekuakamiulnu Ilnu Innu | 10min | 2022 | Manuel Kak’wa Kurtness
Manuel talks to his children. He communicates to them the importance of intergenerational transmission of family knowledge and Ilnu culture.

Miliku tshishutshelimunuau (Grant me your Trust)
Innu | 13min | 2022 | Isabelle Kanapé
Milikᵘ tshishutshelimunuau follows the journey of a young candidate running in the Pessamit community band council elections in summer.

A Rainbow to Turtle Island
Mi’gmaq | 6min | 2022 | Robbie Tait Jr
This portrait introduces artist Robbie Tait Jr. and demonstrates the transformative power of art. He walks us through his Turtle Island Handbook project which arose from a desire to transmit his culture and family heritage through his drawings.

Puamun (Dream)
Innu | 5min | 2022 | Josée Benjamin
A young fisherman tells the story of his journey and dream towards becoming the captain of his own fishing boat. Accompanied by his deckhand, he spends a typical day on his boat fishing for whelk.

Manitushiss (Virus)
Innu | 5min | 2022 | Réal Junior Leblanc
Powerful cinematographic slam, with a mastery of words in the language imposed by colonization, this film expresses a criticism of our relationship to Mother Earth.

Métis | 6min | 2021 | Jack Belhumeur
A man is in search of happiness when he is confronted by a stranger who is offering just that in the form of a package. Can happiness really come in packages?