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Name Your Poison

Directed by: Paddy Hayes
Runtime: 0hr 55min Year: 2015
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Directed by: Paddy Hayes
Runtime: 0hr 55min Year: 2015
Country: Ireland
Last Screened: Sun 22nd Nov 2015

GAA hard man Anthony Molloy journeys to New York in search of the toughest Irish immigrant America was ever to see: Mike Malloy, the “Rasputin of the Bronx.”

Just how did they kill the “Rasputin of the Bronx”? Mike was a lowly alcoholic vagrant in Depression-era New York. Four unscrupulous associates saw him as an easy target for a fast buck: Why don’t we take out a life assurance policy on this Irish bum and kill him? “Durable Mike” survived over twenty attempts on his life. Anthony tells his story here for the first time in all its glorious, gobsmacking and gory detail.

Playing with short film Let Those Blues In – directed by Paul Webster

Here is the story of Paddy Smith, quite possibly Ireland’s most gifted harmonica player, who outlines his extraordinary life (including stints in Jail in America) and how Blues music saved him from addiction and ultimately kept him alive.