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Motley’s Law

Directed by: Nicole Horanyi
Runtime: 1hr 25min Year: 2015
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Directed by: Nicole Horanyi
Runtime: 1hr 25min Year: 2015
Country: Denmark
Last Screened: Wed 20th Apr 2016

Kimberley Motley is the only foreign lawyer, not to mention the only woman, working in Afghanistan’s corrupt, complicated legal system.

“New must see and fascinating documentary… Kimberley Motley is without question one of the most extraordinary people in the world today.” – Indiewire

Motley left her husband and three kids in the US as she tried to create a better future for her family. For over five years, human rights cases and troubled expats motivated her to stay, but time is running out.

“I grew up in a bad neighbourhood, and Kabul is just that; another bad neighbourhood.” – Kimberley Motley

Personal threats, including grenades thrown into her offices, and general conditions in the country are making it harder and harder for Kimberly to continue her work. With the imminent departure of international troops and attacks on foreigners becoming the norm she must decide if it’s worth the risk.