Past screening

LEAFF: My Name Is Kim Bok Dong

Directed by: Song Won-Geun
Runtime: 1hr 41min Year: 2019


Directed by: Song Won-Geun
Runtime: 1hr 41min Year: 2019
Country: South Korea
Last Screened: Mon 28th Oct 2019

A heartfelt portrait of South Korean human rights activist Kim Bok Dong who fought for years for a formal apology from the Japanese Government for the abuse of women during WWII.

The annual London East Asia Film Festival take over DocHouse with the documentary My Name is Kim Bok-Dong about the human rights activist, Kim Bok-Dong who died in January 2019 at the age of 93, after a 27-year battle to get Japan to acknowledge its wartime actions.

Although exact numbers are hard to document, it is estimated that as many 200,000 Korean women were forced into sexual servitude during the war as “comfort women”. When Kim returned to Korea, she kept her time a secret.

However, in 1992, she stepped forward to bring the issue to the public and receive an official apology from the Japanese government.

Presented by the London East Asia Film Festival.