Past screening

Korean Film Nights: Weekends

Directed by: Lee Dong-ha
Runtime: 1hr 38min Year: 2016
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Directed by: Lee Dong-ha
Runtime: 1hr 38min Year: 2016
Country: South Korea
Topics: Sociopolitical
Last Screened: Sat 31st Jul 2021

A vivid image of G-voice, the first gay choir in Korea. Urgent and hopeful, the film belongs to a rich tradition of activist Korean documentary.

Weekends follows G-voice, the first Korean gay choir, founded in 2003. First-person accounts, video clips, live performances, footage of marches and exhibitions express the experience of being in G-voice. The film links personal stories with the choir’s arc as the safeguard of a community. G-voice’s passionate struggles against discrimination are expressed through their music, but also through their relationship and professional choices.

Weekends transmits a powerful sense of freedom, hope and the transformational powers of solidarity. Lee Dong-ha’s first documentary feature is an uplifting, witty and honest film about community activism. Winner of the Panorama audience award at the Berlin International Film Festival (2016), in the film’s visual space the everyday joyously co-exists with the extraordinary, while the narrative rhythmically oscillates from heartbreak to triumph.

Screening as part of Korean Film Nights 2021: In Transit, a collaboration between Bertha DocHouse, the Korean Culture Centre UK and Birkbeck University.