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Klassiki: Fragile Memory

Directed by: Igor Ivanko
Runtime: 1h 25min Certificate: TBC Year: 2022
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Directed by: Igor Ivanko
Runtime: 1h 25min Certificate: TBC Year: 2022
Country: Ukraine, Slovakia
Topics: Arts & Culture
Last Screened: Wed 12th Apr 2023

A young filmmaker uncovers a previously unpublished archive of photographs by his grandfather, the celebrated Ukrainian cinematographer Leonid Burlaka.

Burlaka worked at Odesa Film Studios in the 1970s, a time when Ukrainian Poetic Cinema was bursting onto the world stage, with a succession of visually dazzling films such as Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (Sergei Parajanov) and White Bird Marked with Black (Yuriy Ilyenko).

Through a series of interviews with his grandfather, emerging Ukrainian filmmaker Ihor tries to understand what it was like to make films at that time, patiently asking him about his life and work. But time is against him; his grandfather has Alzheimer’s and his memory is slowly deteriorating.

Fragile Memory is a loving tribute Burlaka and a document of his memories before they are lost.

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