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Directed by: Sara Jordenö
Runtime: 1hr 34min Year: 2016
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Directed by: Sara Jordenö
Runtime: 1hr 34min Year: 2016
Country: Sweden, United States
Last Screened: Thu 15th Jun 2017

Twenty-Five years after Paris is Burning, this film dives back into the fierce world of voguing battles in the Kiki scene of New York City, where competition between Houses demands leadership, painstaking practice, and performances on point.

“In dark times when there isn’t much to be hopeful about, Kiki shines fierce and bright.” – Vanity Fair

“a beautiful celebration of a subculture that’s still struggling to win the full respect it deserves.” – The Atlantic

Led by a new generation of LGBTQ youth, the subculture offers a safe and empowered space for performers to express their identities and address issues in their lives. A collaboration between Swedish filmmaker Sara Jordenö and community gatekeeper, Twiggy Pucci Garçon, Kiki gives voice to the young people forging a new activist movement and breathes fresh life into the representation of the Ballroom scene.