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Directed by: Bryan Fogel
Runtime: 2hr 0min Year: 2017
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Directed by: Bryan Fogel
Runtime: 2hr 0min Year: 2017
Country: United States
Last Screened: Thu 10th Aug 2017

A doping investigation leads to a global cat and mouse game when filmmaker and cyclist Bryan Fogel meets renegade Russian scientist Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov and triggers a huge international sports scandal.

“nonfiction thriller, …a vital portrait of the sacrifice some people will make to stand up for truth.” – Sheffield Doc/Fest

While delving into the furtive world of illegal doping in cycling, Fogel connects with Rodchenkov who is a pillar of his country’s “anti-doping” program and over dozens of Skype calls, urine samples, and badly administered hormone injections, the two men develop a friendship. When Rodchenkov makes a shocking confession placing him at the centre of Russia’s extensive state-sponsored doping programme, the bond between filmmaker and subject is put to the test with accusations of illegalities reaching to Russia’s highest chains of command.

As the pair break the story to the world, they are forced to make sacrifices to stand up for the truth in this absorbing and thrilling white-knuckle ride.