Past screening

Home Address (Ghar Ka Pata)

Directed by: Madhulika Jalali
Runtime: 1hr 7min Year: 2020


Directed by: Madhulika Jalali
Runtime: 1hr 7min Year: 2020
Country: India
Topics: Personal Stories
Last Screened: Sun 27th Jun 2021

An autobiographical account of director Madhulika Jalali’s journey to Kashmir in search of her identity, a heart-rending tale of homecoming and loss.

A heartfelt documentary following director Madhulika Jalali as she searches for her identity as a Kashmiri Pandit woman. In the early 90s, six-year-old Madhulika and her family fled Rainawari – a quaint suburb of Srinagar – in response to Kashmir’s separatist insurgency.

Twenty-four years later with no memory of her birthplace, she returns to visit her lost home with her family. Weaving together impromptu conversations, family anecdotes and stunning footage from the streets of Rainawari where she is welcomed back by her childhood neighbours, Home Address (Ghar Ka Pata) reveals deep and personal connections that go beyond religion and politics.

Hindi, Kashmiri, English, with English subtitles.