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Hello, Bookstore

Directed by: A.B. Zax
Runtime: 1h 26min Certificate: TBC
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Directed by: A.B. Zax
Runtime: 1h 26min Certificate: TBC
Topics: Arts & Culture
Last Screened: Sun 16th Jul 2023

In the shadow of adversity, a small town rallies to protect a beloved local bookstore. 

‘The Bookstore’ has become a beloved institution in Lenox Massachusetts – a magical, beatnik gem of a local business, run for 40 years by its devoted owner, Matt Tannenbaum, whose passion for stories runs deep.

Garrulous Matt has a literary quote, an anecdote or a well-pitched recommendation for everyone who passes through his door, from neighbours, friends and family to bibliophile pilgrims seeking out his shelves. When COVID-19 hits, and (like so many independent businesses) The Bookstore faces dire financial circumstances, Matt reaches back out to the community he has created, with extraordinary results.

This affectionate portrait of The Bookstore, and the man at its heart, is a tribute to independent bookshops everywhere, and the relationships they inspire.