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Exposing Muybridge

Directed by: Marc Shaffer
Runtime: 1hr 28min Year: 2021
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Directed by: Marc Shaffer
Runtime: 1hr 28min Year: 2021
Country: United States
Topics: Arts & Culture
Last Screened: Sun 8th Jan 2023

The extraordinary and eventful life of pioneering photographer Eadweard Muybridge is perfectly exposed in Marc Shaffer's thrilling profile.

Brilliant, ambitious and mischievous, the 19th Century photographer had lived the lives of a dozen men before his breakthrough photographs of running horses changed the path of his career and set the course for the development of cinema. But hiding in Muybridge’s work are clues that provoke an enduring question: Can we believe what we see in a photograph?

Muybridge was a complicated man whose personal story was imbued with ambition, success, loss, and even cold-blooded murder. He directly inspired numerous artists from Francis Bacon to David Hockney to Gary Oldman, whose passionate contribution to this documentary is exceptional.