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Command and Control

Directed by: Robert Kenner
Runtime: 1hr 32min Year: 2016
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Directed by: Robert Kenner
Runtime: 1hr 32min Year: 2016
Country: United States
Last Screened: Wed 25th Jan 2017

A chilling nightmare plays out at a Titan II missile complex in Arkansas in September 1980.

“A terrifying documentary that’ll have your heart racing as fast as any Hollywood thriller” – The Philadelphia Enquirer

“Kenner’s masterfully shot and edited documentary proves to be more unnerving than a Hollywood horror film.” – CBS News

A worker accidentally drops a socket, puncturing the fuel tank of an intercontinental ballistic missile carrying the most powerful nuclear warhead in the United States arsenal, an incident which ignites a series of feverish efforts to avoid a deadly disaster.

Directed by Robert Kenner (Food, Inc.) and based on the critically acclaimed book by Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation), Command and Control is a minute-by-minute account of this long-hidden story. Putting a camera where there was no camera that night, Kenner brings this nonfiction thriller to life with stunning original footage shot in a decommissioned Titan II missile silo.

Eyewitness accounts — from the man who dropped the socket, to the man who designed the warhead, to the US Secretary of Defence— chronicle nine hours of terror that prevented an explosion 600 times more powerful than Hiroshima.