Past screening

Bloomsbury Festival: I See it Differently

Directed by: Various
Year: 2023


Directed by: Various
Year: 2023

An illuminating programme of short docs on the theme of 'Vision', screening online as part of this year's Bloomsbury Festival.

We’re excited to be part of this year’s Bloomsbury Festival, screening this illuminating programme of short docs.

Reflecting both personal and universal narratives, from local and global talents, these films dig into the festival’s 2020 theme of ‘Vision’ through culturally rich filmmaking.

Heart n Soul at The Hub / Dirs. Catherine Long and Felipe Pagani / 9 mins
Relationships between support workers and learning disabled and autistic people are shown through a selection of moving portraits and extracts from conversations.

Across Still Water / Dir. Ruth Grimberg / 12 mins
John is 32. Diagnosed with a devastating eye condition he is gradually losing his sight.   Urged by those around him to make difficult decisions and guided by his young friend Ben he seeks solace in his love of night fishing  in a journey requiring real patience and fortitude.

Everyman / Dir. Everyman Collective (Laurence Avis, Richie Benson, Naresh Kaushal) / 9 mins
During the summer of 2020, against the backdrop of Covid-19 Everyman Collective set out to portray the lives of those who identify as men and who live, work or play in Bloomsbury. Beyond the alpha, beyond the tough male façade, exists something gentler; a more explorative and more vulnerable discourse is there to be had. Here we see this masculinity unfold.

Baluji / Dir. Marie-Cécile Embleton / 21 mins
Award-winning blind sitarist Baluji Shrivastav OBE reflects on how he overcame social stigma and transformed his relationship to music, forging his path to love and success. Baluji is a beautiful insight into his life, his blindness and his spectacular career as a musician.

Oserake and the River That Walks / Dir. Robert Robertson  / 22 mins
Robert Robertson’s music/film captures what happens to Montreal in winter, when the wilderness takes over and phantoms invade the empty white streets. Massive snowdrifts, huge icicles and icefalls appear. Everything is transformed beneath layers of snow.