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Apollo 11

Directed by: Todd Douglas Miller
Runtime: 1hr 33min Year: 2019
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Directed by: Todd Douglas Miller
Runtime: 1hr 33min Year: 2019
Country: United States

Experience previously unseen footage of NASA's daring first mission to the moon in Apollo 11, the must-see cinematic event of the summer.

Todd Douglas Miller’s awe-inspiring Apollo 11 documentary shows just how giant a leap for humankind the journey to the moon was in 1969.

In a superhuman feat of editing, the film cuts over 11,000 hours of recordings into a hair-raising 93 minutes that puts you in the front seat of America’s first mission to the moon.

Filled with unseen clips and unheard voice recordings, it brings their voyage back to life, in breath-taking quality. Whether you watched the original Apollo 11 mission 50 years ago or are curious to see it as if for the first time, this film has already smashed US box-office records and is essential viewing.

Having won a Special Jury prize for editing at Sundance Film Festival 2019, Apollo 11’s trove of unseen material has been picking up momentum ever since.The movie is skilfully edited to put the perspectives of the astronauts, Mission Control and the millions of spectators centre stage, creating a vivid experience.

A combination of cutting-edge digitisation and high quality scanning has also created crisp and clear 8K visuals, and award-winning American composer Matt Morton gave the film an original soundtrack.

Miller is best known for Dinosaur 13, which looked at the discovery of the biggest Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil ever found. The idea for his latest doc came from the idea of using archival footage to revisit the first moon landing in time for its 50th anniversary. That project coincided with the rediscovery of 70mm footage from the Apollo 11 mission.

At the same time, an independent archivist had just finished sorting through thousands of hours of audio from Mission Control, creating the perfect launchpad for this film.