Past screening

American: An Odyssey To 1947

Directed by: Danny Wu
Runtime: 1h 42min Certificate: 12A


Directed by: Danny Wu
Runtime: 1h 42min Certificate: 12A
Topics: Arts & Culture
Last Screened: Sun 17th Sep 2023

Charting the meteoric Hollywood rise of Orson Welles, American: An Odyssey to 1947 immerses us in the complex yet interwoven milestones of the 1940s.

Landmark moments, such as the Civil Rights movement, the Cold War and the Atomic Bomb, are explored through rare archival footage, mapping out their context within this momentous era and their impact on Hollywood.

Diving deep into the achievements and politics of Welles, against the backdrop of this milieu, we discover how he shaped Hollywood culture but refused to conform to dominant powers, gaining a reputation as a subversive presence. In 1947, with intense pressure mounting, he fled the US for work in Italy.

Director Danny Wu expertly investigates events of 1940s America, superbly crafting a feature that highlights the cultural significance of this period and its long-lasting effects.

Our special screening on Sun 17 Sep will be followed by a Q&A with director Danny Wu and actor and Orson Welles expert Simon Callow.