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Against The Tide

Directed by: Sarvnnik Kaur
Runtime: 1h 37min


Directed by: Sarvnnik Kaur
Runtime: 1h 37min
Topics: Sociopolitical
Last Screened: Thu 6th Jul 2023

Against the Tide captures two Indian fishermen and lifelong friends as they clash over their livelihoods and feel the impact of forces beyond their control.

Rakesh and Ganesh are both Koli fishermen, earning their livelihoods from the Mumbai seas. While Rakesh has kept faith in the traditional Koli methods passed down to him from his father, wealthier Ganesh embraces technology, crewing up his boat for deep sea fishing trips.

Tensions rise as Ganesh strays into controversial and damaging methods, and with the fish population dwindling due to pollution, climate change and over-fishing, both men struggle to make ends meet.

Director Sarvnik Kaur’s engrossing portrait captures both men’s lives, the struggles they each face and their ideological clashes, while painting a bigger picture – one of a sea turning hostile to the livelihoods it has always sustained.


Seafaring friends from Mumbai cope with a changing climate and an unforgiving economy in different ways in Sarvnik Kaur’s poetic, beautifully shot documentary.

Ryan Gilbey

The Guardian