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A Thousand Girls Like Me

Directed by: Sahra Mani
Runtime: 1hr 16min Year: 2018
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Directed by: Sahra Mani
Runtime: 1hr 16min Year: 2018
Country: Afghanistan, France
Last Screened: Thu 11th Oct 2018

This urgent film tells the story of one woman’s battle to make her voice heard and demonstrates the power of action over fear.

The title of this urgent film refers to the thousands of women in Afghanistan suffering sexual abuse, often within the family and with virtual impunity.

Khatera suffered 18 years of abuse by her father and now has a sister/daughter and brother/son. This reticent but tenacious woman finally forces her father to stand trial, risking her family, freedom and personal safety to expose a justice system that incriminates the very women who seek protection.

‘I want to bring attention to a judicial system that often gives power to abusers and tell the story of the lonely lives of three women from three different generations, a grandmother, a daughter, and a granddaughter, all victimised in the hands of a man empowered by a patriarchal society’  – Sahra Mani, director, A Thousand Girls Like Me

DocHouse Firsts are a unique series of films that we’ve selected from many international doc festivals for their creative and powerful storytelling. These cinematic gems do not have UK distributors and would not otherwise have a chance to be seen on the big screen.

A Thousand Girls Like Me was selected to be a DocHouse First because of its riveting, cinematically engaging form in dealing with an almost impossibly difficult subject.  By focusing on a personal narrative it exposes this urgent issue in a much more immediate way than statistics, figures or even fiction. A great documentary that deserves cinema exposure.’ Elizabeth Wood – Director