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A Divorce Before Marriage

Directed by: Matt Hopkins, Ben Lankester
Runtime: 1hr 13min Year: 2016
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Directed by: Matt Hopkins, Ben Lankester
Runtime: 1hr 13min Year: 2016
Country: United Kingdom
Last Screened: Sun 13th Nov 2016

It’s 2006 and five-piece rock band I Like Trains are the toast of the music industry. Having signed a five-album record deal and playing sold out tours around the world, there appears no limit to what the band can achieve.

A Divorce Before Marriage picks up the story five years later, where, following a major downturn in the music industry, the band find themselves in a drastically different position.

We follow each band member for the next three years as they adjust to their new found lifestyle, moving away from the bright lights and dizzying heights of music stardom and into the real world where careers, family and adulthood are paramount. Self-organised tours and the independent release of their third album serve as a reminder of a life once lived. I Like Trains are now a band stuck in the middle, yet steadfast in their determination to succeed in a stagnant music industry.

Capturing the timeless, bittersweet beauty of Yorkshire, A Divorce Before Marriage is a cinematic portrait of five men battling to express themselves against the detritus of everyday life. Moreover, it is a film about the wannabe rock star finally growing up, a rite-of-passage documentary that will strike a chord with any creative individual battling with the strains of becoming an adult in contemporary Britain.