Dir: Melissa Lesh & Trevor Beck Frost
United States / 2022 / 105mins

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Take to the wild with this story of a troubled young man and the baby ocelot he raises in the Amazon rainforest.

After being discharged from the army with severe depression and PTSD, young British veteran Harry Turner got as far away from his life as he could, heading to the Peruvian Amazon. There, he meets conservationist Samantha Zwicker, who gives him a reason to live, tasking him with rearing an orphaned ocelot. Falling in love with the kitten and Samantha, Harry agrees to act as surrogate parent.

In the solitude of the rainforest, we see Harry develop an extraordinary relationship with the cat, teaching him to hunt, defend himself, and, most importantly, become wild and leave Harry behind. While Samantha heals from her own traumatic past, Harry will have to wrestle with his internal demons if he and the cat are to survive.