Terms and Conditions: A UK Drill Story

+ Q&A with director Brian Hill, producer Kandise Abiola and musician Drillminster
Dir: Brian Hill
United Kingdom / 2020 / 90mins

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Date: Thu 10 September, 2020
Time: 19:00
Price: FREE
There are currently no screenings of this film.

Join us for a one-off online screening of the director's cut of Brian Hill's feature on UK Drill, and stay online after for a Q&A with the filmmakers and UK drill artist Drillminster.

Drill music is one of the UK's most outspoken and unflinching genres, but what inspires its daring lyrics? And why does drill get such a bad rap in the media?

Meeting established artists and rising stars, as well as people working to combat knife crime and gang violence in the communities that shaped the genre, Terms and Conditions goes beyond the headlines to explore the roots and the impact of a divisive form of self-expression.

Does Drill incite violence, or is it a mouthpiece and a creative outlet for disenfranchised young people who have been failed by years of austerity? Decide for yourself in this no-holds-barred, first-hand doc.

From musicians and gang members to victims of violence and industry professionals, discover a new narrative from a disaffected generation and understand the origins of one of the most talked about cultural phenomenon for decades.