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Discover short docs showcasing untold stories from around the world directed by talented emerging filmmakers and curated from the One World Media Fellowship programme.

Each unique and untold story explores what it means to take your own path in a changing world. Meet a Palestinian teenager who finds solace in cyberspace; the only black and LGBTQIA+ member of Brazil’s congress fighting for the representation of Rio’s favelas; the Siberian factory workers coming to terms with the end of the Space Race; and a Mexican family who preserves the tradition of harvesting purple ink from sea snails in the face of a changing climate.

Find out more about the filmmakers here.

Tune in from 6pm on Thursday 18th to watch the film programme followed by a live Q&A with the filmmakers at 7.15pm GMT.
The films and the recorded Q&A will be available to watch until Saturday 20th March 23:59 GMT.
Available worldwide. 

Wifi Rider | Dir. Roxy Rezvany | UK | 2020 | 13 mins
A disillusioned Palestinian teenager escapes the isolation of his daily life by creating a new persona that becomes an online sensation: The Wifi Rider.

David in Brasilia | Dir: Ali Sargent | UK/Brazil | 26 mins
A day in the life of David Miranda, a young politician who is the only black, LGBT member of Brazil's national Congress, in the wake of the Vaza Jato scandal which undermined the legitimacy of Jair Bolsonaro's presidency.

Tixinda | Dir. Rhys Aaron Lewis & Valeria Luongo | UK | 8 mins
One man, his son and grandson continue their ancient practice of harvesting the purple ink of a rare sea snail in southern Mexico.

A story of one Soviet factory | Dir: Nadya Gorodetskaya | UK | 2020 | 20 mins
In a post-Soviet Siberian town, factory workers are still coming to terms with a new way of working, as they reflect on the past heights of the Space Race.

The One World Media Fellowship supports new talent from around the world to produce engaging and creative media, telling underreported stories from the global south. Find out more about the OWM Fellowship here.

HOW TO WATCH: This programme will be broadcast live on our custom built streaming site. Once you have registered to attend, you will receive an email on the day of the event with further details about how to access our streaming site.