The film charts the amazing history of UK independent cinema, taking a tour of some of the most magical picture houses in the world and centring on The Electric in Birmingham and its projectionists.

An impassioned documentary about how the spirit of unity which buoyed Britain during the war years carried through to create a vision of a fairer, united society.</p> <p>1945 was a pivotal year in British history.

Just beside an endless white desert up in the Bolivian Andes, Daniel Lopez and his family lead traditional salt workers' lives. Since it has become known that Salar de Uyuni holds the world's biggest amount of lithium - the future's resource - their little village finds itself in a place where global interest reaches in. A careful portrait of two generations from a culture on the dawn of globalisation.

An intimate and often funny look behind the scenes of the world's most influential fashion magazine, Vogue. Under the leadership of legendary Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour the editorial staff set out to assemble their biggest issue ever.

The Siberian town of Tankograd: birthplace of the Soviet nuclear bomb and now the most radioactive place on earth. We follow the town's world-class dance group as they search for meaning through artistic expression in this New Russia.


Dir: Errol Morris

Errol Morris at his captivating best with this surreal tale of Joyce McKinney, the former Miss Wyoming who reigned as Tabloid Queen in the British press.

Following on from the multi-award winning film, 'The Boy Who Plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyan' director Phil Grabsky continued to film young Mir, charting his tumultuous journey into adulthood. The film is a unique portrayal of life, full of humour, full of poignancy in today's Afghanistan.