Following British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist Andy Goldsworthy on his exploration of the world through his ephemeral and permanent workings on the landscape, cities and with his own body.

Mark Cousins dives deep into the visual world of legendary director and actor Orson Welles to reveal a portrait of the artist as he’s never been seen before – through his own eyes, sketched with his own hand, painted with his own brush.

A Northern Soul glimpses Hull as it transforms into the City of Culture 2017 and its people hoping for change. Made by acclaimed director and Hull man Sean McAllister, the documentary is a close-up look at ongoing urban regeneration through the eyes of those living through it.

One of the most innovative sound designers of his time, Conny Plank pioneered ‘Kraut-rock’ and ‘neue deutsche welle’ from his sound studio near Cologne. Here, director Stephan Plank picks up the thread of his father’s legacy on a journey to rediscover Conny’s impact on music history.

¡Las Sandinistas! tells the story of the unparalleled female vanguards who fought and led in the Nicaraguan 1979 revolution, and who are still fighting for social equality and women’s rights up to this day.


Dir: Elizabeth Mirzaei & Gulistan Mirzaei

This documentary follows self-declared ‘badass’ Laila who rehabilitates opium addicts in Kabul – where war, corruption and international drug deals severely threaten the welfare of the people.


Dir: Peter Stephan Jungk

Directed by her great nephew, Peter Stephan Jungk, Tracking Edith reflects on Tudor-Hart’s extraordinary life, both as an undercover agent and a deeply empathetic photographer, depicting the social deprivation of the day.


Dir: Jukka Kärkkäinen & J-P Passi

Following Finnish Punk rock band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (PKN) as they face the glory and struggle that comes with fame, Punk Voyage is a film about friendship, the politics of fame, and what it truly means to be punk.

A postcard from the edge of the American Empire, Generation Wealth is the culmination of photographer and filmmaker Lauren Greenfield's (The Queen of Versailles) 25-year survey of the ultra-affluent around the world.


Dir: Catherine Gund & Daresha Kyi

Chavela Vargas revolutionised music in Mexico with her hypnotic raspy voice singing music traditionally reserved for men. This film tells the epic story of her fearless life, emotive music and passionate love affairs.