Dir: Jessica Edwards

Gospel / soul music legend and civil rights icon Mavis Staples has been thrilling her fans for over 60 years, performing with her family as The Staple Singers, and later as a solo artist. Mavis! tells her story and captures her irrepressible zest for music, performing and life. 


Dir: Thomas Wirthensohn

By day Mark seems to live the glamorous New York lifestyle that many would envy. Handsome and always impeccably dressed, the charismatic former male model works as a fashion photographer, appears in movies and attends the best parties...

The world’s farmland is at risk. Ever since agriculture started becoming an attractive investment, local farmers all over the world have been losing ground to international businesses. It’s a phenomenon with far-reaching...

Comrades and lovers Amer and Raghda met in a Syrian prison cell 15 years ago. Maverick director Sean McAllister met the family in 2009, and over five years, charts their incredible odyssey to political freedom.

With unprecedented access to the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs, the military, and experts from leading space agencies, The Visit explores an event that has never in fact occurred - our first encounter with intelligent life from space. 


Dir: Nick Read & Mark Franchetti

A behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the world-famous Bolshoi Ballet. Filmed in the wake of the acid attack on artistic director Sergei Filin, Bolshoi Babylon intimately captures the rivalry and artistry that underpin the company.

A rare look into the legendary collector’s world: blending the abstract, the colourful, the surreal and the salacious to portray a life that was as complex and unpredictable as the artwork Peggy revered, and the artists she pushed forward.


Dir: Jennifer Peedom

In April last year, a 14 million ton block of ice killed 16 Sherpas in the worst tragedy ever on Everest. The disaster provoked a drastic reappraisal about the role of Sherpas on the mountain. This film tells their story for the first time.

A glimpse into the life of Nobel Peace Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai – from impassioned speeches at the UN, to everyday family life and her ongoing fi ght for education for girls worldwide.