William Uricchio, Emily Bell, Alexandre Brachet, Dan Bell and Rebecca Lichtenfeld discuss the future for filmmaking, journalism and social media.

Panel Discussion: Where Do We Go From Here?

In this final session, the panel and the audience will discuss whether the digital revolution has produced greater freedom of expression, a more powerful insight into the world for the viewer or a greater opportunity for misuse and control.

Is it true that the freedoms provided by the internet have given the voiceless the ability to be heard? Can new forms of documentary, journalism and social media teach us more about the world and create a truly informed citizenry?

William Urrichio
Emily Bell
Alexandre Brachet
Dan Bell
Rebecca Lichtenfeld

This panel discussion took place at Between the Lines festival in 2013. Presented by DocHouse and the Frontline Club, Between the Lines explored the challenges facing documentary makers, investigative journalists and citizen reporters in the new media landscape.