Lis Howell, Richard Gizbert, Paul Blanchard and Kevin Marsh discuss corporate and political influence in documentary and journalism.

Panel Discussion: Selling Out? Corporate and Political Control of Documentary and Journalism

Corporate influence continues to grow while news rooms shrink. How independent are our news sources? Are journalists too reliant on big business and politicians? With current affairs programming suffering from squeezed budgets, PR and corporate interests are muscling in on the agenda in which broadcasters seem to be complicit while investigative journalism suffers.

With traditional funding sources for documentaries disappearing, filmmakers are looking for new opportunities to realize their films. Can documentary makers remain independent while tapping into these sources?

Lis Howell (Chair)
Richard Gizbert
Paul Blanchard
Kevin Marsh

This panel discussion took place at Between the Lines festival in 2013. Presented by DocHouse and the Frontline Club, Between the Lines explored the challenges facing documentary makers, investigative journalists and citizen reporters in the new media landscape.