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The Online Hub is a digital space of essential resources and delights for anyone looking to grow their knowledge about documentaries, or just indulge their passion. Here you’ll find the latest news, deadlines and funding opportunities; all of our past Q&As and discussions in both video and podcast form; and our full archive of screenings.

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Our live filmmaker Q&As, panel sessions and masterclasses are filmed and put right here for you to watch later, learn, debate and comment on!

These are a fantastic resource - whether you are interested in knowing more from the makers themselves, or want to better understand the subject matter. Equally, if you are a filmmaker, our masterclasses offer an in depth insight into the working methods of some of the biggest names in the documentary world today.

Since 2014 we have been hosting The DocHouse Podcast - an opportunity to catch up on our latest Q&As, masterclasses and discussions, as well as some gems from our archive, while you commute, clean or just relax!

You can either listen right here online, or subscribe to the podcast through iTunes or any other podcast player.

More coming soon. In the meantime, click HERE to check out our filmed Q&As and Masterclasses

Visit the Bertha DocHouse blog for interviews, profiles, news & special features about the Bertha DocHouse programme & wider documentary world.

Here you can find our full screening archive from the last 13 years, complete with extra info about the films, and where to watch them now.

Organised by title or year screened, if you're looking for some of the best docs out there over the last decade, you'll find them right here...



Deadlines, festival dates, funding opportunities, doc courses, docs on-line... In Resources you’ll find the very latest information on all the great opportunities available to you in the UK and around the world.

Inspired, moved or outraged by one of our films? Find out here how to continue the debate, screen the film or get clued up on the issues and topics it covers!