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On 13 February 2012, two journalists entered war-ravaged Syria. One of them was acclaimed Sunday Times war correspondent, Marie Colvin, known for her fearless journalism. The other was her colleague, photographer Paul Conroy. Only one of them returned.

Konrad “Conny” Plank is undoubtedly one of the most innovative sound designers of his time. The recordings realised in his sound studio near Cologne between the 60s and 80s revolutionised the music world. He was the pioneer of ‘Kraut-rock’, ‘neue deutsche welle’ and paved the way for the revolutions of electronic and pop music respectively. When he died aged 47, he left behind his 13 year old son, Stephan, who had grown up around the artists his father worked with, from Neu! and Can to David Stewart and Midge Ure.

A Northern Soul glimpses Hull as it transforms into the City of Culture 2017 and its people hoping for change. Made by acclaimed director and Hull man Sean McAllister, the documentary is a close-up look at ongoing urban regeneration through the eyes of those living through it.

Panel discussion with the film’s director Christopher Ian Smith, Noël James (Director, Milton Keynes Discovery Centre and AHRC New Towns Heritage research network), Michael Edwards (Bartlett School of Planning, UCL), and chaired by Clare Melhuish (Director, UCL Urban Laboratory).