An unconventional look at film director John Boorman by one who should know him best - his daughter Katrine. The director of Point Blank, Excalibur, Deliverance and Hope and Glory is one of the last great British auteur filmmakers. His daughter spent four years filming her father and over the course of this engaging documentary it becomes clear that, though over 80 years old, he found it impossible to resist taking control and delivering his daughter a crash course in filmmaking.

Katrine uses her knowledge of her father to make a frank and often hilarious portrait. Vulnerable, cross, funny, wild and wise, Boorman talks of his adventures in Hollywood, but also with great honesty about his marriages, his passion for nature, his need for danger and why film is the only thing he ever truly loved.

His daughter’s film provides a telling insight into the gifted director as well as a moving chronicle of the pressures of growing up inside a high-profile movie clan.


Director Katrine Boorman joined us for a Q&A following a screening of her documentary Me and Me Dad.