Wednesday 28th October, 2020

Singer/songwriter Mai Khoi became a pop sensation with her smash hit Vietnam, a patriotic ode to her home country, which propelled her into the limelight - and the favour of the Communist Party and state-run media.

But when she begins to resist government censorship and speak out about human rights issues in the country, she soon falls out of favour with the authorities and becomes the inspiring voice of dissent for a generation, forming her provocative underground band, 'Mai Khoi and the Dissidents'.

Director Joe Piscatella's intimate film follows the protest singer who gave up fame and fortune to fight for freedom of speech, human rights and democracy in Vietnam. Banned from performing, under constant surveillance, even taking to safe houses to evade threat of arrest, Mai Khoi refuses to be silenced.

On Wednesday the 28th of October we were joined by the 'Lady Gaga of Vietnam' herself, Mai Khoi, along with the film's director Joe Piscatella for an online Q&A. Hosted by ethnomusicologist and filmmaker Dr Barley Norton.