LOVE HOTEL: Q&A with directors

Wednesday 17th September, 2014

In a highly structured and conservative society, people need release, somewhere they can unlock their desires and not be judged. The Angelo is such a place; it's one of 37,000 Love Hotels in Japan visited by 2.8million people a day. An ancient Japanese tradition, the hotels exist for people to escape the traditional structure of their daily life and explore their fantasies or just find some privacy. But the Love Hotels are under threat. With an increasingly conformist society the government is cracking down on the industry and many of the hotels face closure.

With unprecedented access to the Angelo's staff and guests Love Hotel is an extraordinary portrait of what at first seems a quirk in Japanese society but by the end seems like a vital element.

Co-directors Phil Cox and Hikaru Toda joined us at the UK Premiere to talk about the making of the film.

"A fascinating reflection from a hidden Japan, between Eros and Love, with extraordinary characters and stories... nights in Love Hotel are like dreams...." - Darkside Cinema

"The explicitly sexual, wholly emotional and tantalising Love Hotel...." -Indiewire USA

Official selection: Hot Docs 2014