Friday 25th June, 2021

When Marc Isaacs is told his next film must be about crime, sex or celebrity to get funded, the frustrated filmmaker decides to take matters into his own hands and begins shooting inside his home. 

One of the UK's finest documentary makers, Isaacs (Lift, Calais: The Last Border, Outside the Court) fills his film with people connected to his own life: the English builders replacing a fence in his garden; the Pakistani neighbour with whom he now temporarily shares a garden; his Colombian cleaner; and the homeless Slovakian man who invites himself in and tests everyone's notions of the boundaries between host and guests. But are they being themselves or are they playing themselves?

Blending documentary with fiction, and a wry humour with emotional intensity, Isaacs has created an enigmatic story which asks pertinent questions about the nature of filmmaking itself. 

The screening on Friday the 25th of June was followed by an in-person Q&A with director Marc Isaacs. Hosted by journalist Ryan Gilbey.