Friday 4th September, 2020

We were joined by filmmakers from our first online documentary shorts programme for pre-recorded Q&A’s. Hosted by the DocHouse team. 

0:00:00 - Three Red Sweaters - Martha Gregory
0:24:38 - A Film on Film - David McNulty and photographer Selina Mayer
0:46:30 - The Swimming Club - Ceci Golding and Nick Finegan
01:02:20 - Fake News Fairytale - Kate Stonehill

Join us for a globetrotting, time-travelling selection of short docs, cherry-picked by DocHouse for the first in our new strand dedicated to small but perfectly-formed nonfiction.

Sneakers swing in the breeze on a telephone line; a swimmer's head dips into the cool water of an art deco pool. Traversing the world, this selection of shorts takes in the flashpoint border fence between Africa and Europe, and discovers the unexpected commercial centre of 'Fake News' big business in Macedonia. From contemplating the nature of memory to celebrating the freedom of self expression, this collection is a fascinating journey through the art of short documentary.